During the creation of my photos I often try to find spaces which have charisma and can start a trail of thoughts and associations. The past of abandoned buildings has an effect on us: upon entering, old times merge with present moments, creating a special, unmistakable atmosphere in the place.

Ever since 2005, time has stopped in the Thermal Power Plant of Kelenföld. The once magnificent building created by famous designers now stands empty, and the public can only enter its halls on rare occasions: in a way it provides sanctuary to an old, almost forgotten era.

With these photographs I’m looking to pass on the impression which I’ve felt as an outsider visiting this building: frightening desertedness and inviting idleness of the empty spaces, and the dramatic contrast created by artistic treatment against the shapes and objects of industrial production. Imposing glass roof meeting the infinite rows of switches, and spiralling staircases running around cold metal structures.