Kutasó is a township situated in Nógrád county, which among the rural villages of the area, has a very quiet and calm character in the heart of nature, far away from the depressing shallowness of big cities. The territory, which has fantastic natural surroundings, now shows a face which can’t be seen by the ones who come here to enjoy the calming green scenery: parts of the village are shown in night lighting, without any presence of living souls, which transmit a mistique or dreamy feeling, still, the pieces of this series represent a very still and soft atmosphere. The traffic lights work as powerful spotlights which emphasize the characteristic, rural details of the region: bus stations of the countryside, traditional Hungarian cube-houses, a tractor or a prepared pile of wood. While the bright and visible items are worthy highlighted throught the series of photographs, the dark, lightless fragments swallow the light and guides the viewer into a strange and quite unearthy world.