We can discover more scale change in the viewpoint of the photographs immortalizing Paris. One of the pictures shows the city from a bird’s-eye view, the other one from the passer-by’s view and the third one focuses on an architectural part in an almost abstracted way so that we cannot exactly define its real scale. The perspective changes in the same way as the onlooker examines the unknown: first, you see the outline, then you observe the smaller details; you look for systems, networks, junctions, then you notice more and more parts – faces, noises, smells -, until you are increasingly involved and merged into the city. The different viewpoints of the photos are connected by the uniform attitude. The veiled toned photographs are strongly architecture centred, and they are looking for the system and order in the rhythm of architectural forms. Just the same way as the artist finds his own place in the unknown with mapping the city.