Hlinka ZsoltBy Hlinka Zsolt2019.12.24.4 Minutes

With great joy and pride I have the pleasure to share my latest exciting request, the Philharmonie de Paris reached out to me, because they wanted to promote their upcoming concert series on Budapest with my pictures. Of course, I immediately said yes to this privilege and we selected the photos from my series Reflections of emotion. During the campaign, posters made from my photos were posted at the Paris Metro and also featured on the official website of the Philharmonie de Paris.

The series, Reflection of emotion, basically bears the characteristics of my style, from architectural forms, symmetry and perspective games, but these pictures have a new, refreshing element, the people appearing in the pictures and their dynamics. The parallel male and female forms interact with each other to highlight the delicate balance of relationships. From the brusque lines and geometric shapes of the mirrored world that is almost surreal, the two bodies stand out, breaking the strict lines with their harmony. In this regulated space, the couple form a coordinated, intimate unit. The thoughts and the feelings around each other are almost readable. The compositions reflect on togetherness and resemblance to one another. Even if the figures do not come together, we feel the vibrating attraction in the space between them.

It is a great acknowledgment that I can represent Budapest with my pictures in such a high-level international cooperation. It is an uplifting sensation when I can reach and inspire another artistic branch with my vision, and this cultural event could come to fruition. At the end of March, Budapest’s weekend repertoire includes important classical stations of Hungarian music history and using my contemporary images is a modern twist that really attracts attention while also very fitting. If you have any interest in my photos, my series, and wish to have a similar cooperation, please contact me!