It has been a great honor to be asked by the National Dance Theater Budapest team for an official photo of their building that has been opened on February 15th. As you can see in my previous pictures, the legacy of the special buildings in the old town or in Budapest is the core of my work, so I was very happy to say yes to the request.

The new National Dance Theater was transformed from the industrial building of the former GANZ, based on the plans of ZDA – Zobok Architect Office. The concept was to keep the industrial elements, and meet the current and future needs of the dance industry.

The characteristics of the art of dance appear in light, wavy lines, both inside and outside. In the photos, I tried to recite these airy dynamics while focusing on the monumentality and also the details of the building. And although this order differs from my usual projects, I have incorporated my own style and research into symmetries into the final photo material.


I am looking for geometry and symmetry obsessively in each composition. When I take a photo, I exclude all other circumstances and focus only on the picture to be prepared. I collect moments.