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Size: 30x24cm  – 164 pages

ISBN: 978-615-00-1119-6

Published: 2018

Limited edition book

Why symmetry? Because it is perfect: a consciously created or randomly occurring composition that captures the immaculate balance. My artistic aspirations have been built around this concept since the beginnings, approaching it from many different sides, which makes this an inexhaustible source for inspiration for me. My first, limited edition volume is the documentation of my research of symmetry, which presents creations from recent years. After a lengthy selection process, I deliberately arranged the sequential chapters in such a way that allows the reader to peek into the continuous development and building of my concepts.

The location of the photographs is Budapest. This constantly moving and never resting capital city offers countless locales – which could not even be mapped in an entire lifetime – and in my book, I try to capture as many distinctive components as possible. Amongst the pictured venues are the elegant, exalted buildings such as the Hungarian Parliament, or the Opera House, but also the apartment houses holding endless secrets, and the subway networks serving so many people, are present as well. However, I deprive the urban space from its inhabitants, so that the buildings can show their structures by themselves: this abandonment further enhances the mystical appearance of my photographs, and brings them closer to the otherworldly harmony, which I would like to present.

In the limited edition (and signed by the artist) book, you can see 112 of my photographs on 164 pages. These pictures lead the book’s owner on a special trip: they offer the chance for discovery and being absorbed by a new world, which is guaranteed by the premium quality photo prints. The book is not available commercially; it is exclusively purchasable at Focus Gallery, either in person or online. If you wish to learn about the hidden symmetries of Budapest, visit us at Budafoki út 64, or order it from the webshop of the gallery!



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