I have always been fascinated by the thousand faces of the Balaton: the mediterranean atmosphere known from hot summer days is replaced by many colors and the tranquil scenery of autumn, after which winter comes with its frosty colors. It shows a different face in each season, and as a photographer, it is a real challenge to capture the unique moments of the Hungarian Sea: the Lake Balaton series is a collection of these works.

Since my childhood I have had a strong bond with water and sailing, and naturally as a Hungarian to the Balaton itself as well. The photographs include the moments created from the past’s memories and the also actualities from present-day. The combination of the photos showcases my special relationship with the lake: for example, in addition to dynamics of the Blue Ribbon, you can also find a number of lonely sailboats enveloping almost meditative silence. Perhaps the best way to tell you what this place means to me is to compare it to a favorite book or movie. Every time I get back to it, I always find something else there – and also in myself.

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