MOL Group Image Project

One of the most exciting pieces of my requests so far was the image photography for MOL Group. Within this assignment, I have captured DUFI, or more known as the Duna Refinery at Százhalombatta, which was a real challenge for me.

Prior to the work, we had a lengthy negotiation with the team of MOL Group about their ideas and my own concepts, which eventually resulted in a common plan. It was a really rewarding task to work on this project, as I was instructed to freely use my imagination, and I could select any location in the refinery area to get the most optimal results.

Armed with occupational safety equipment, I was escorted to climb the towers, where the photos were shot on multiple separate occasions.

After lengthy walks I could discover the most interesting details of the facility, which were paired together with a particular time of the day which I thought matched them the most: the orange sunsets of darkness of the night sky gave a great backdrop to the industrial equipment, the metal tubes, and the high-rise towers.

They have enjoyed the finished series, so the collaboration was noted as a common success.

View the completed photographs below:

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