I just became represented artist of Koller Art Gallery

It is a great privilege and pleasure that my selected works are now available at Koller Art Gallery, Hungary’s oldest gallery and fine art dealers’ shop.

The photos can be viewed and of course purchased at the website of the gallery here, residing in the picturesque site of Buda Castle.

The selection contains urban, dynamic photographies and also pictures I took of probably the most remarkable architecture of the Hungarian capital, this way I could show the many faces of the metropolis. Ever since I am passionate about symmetry as a photographer, I believe that a brand new metro station can be as inspiring as the marvellous stairs of the Parliament.

I trust that my photos will have a good fate at such a prestigious institution as Koller Art Gallery, with true art professionals and critiques familiar with the international art market. I am personally proud that my photos are in such a great company of sculptures, paintings and other arts, as the Gallery welcomes masters of different forms of expressions, but if you are into antiquities, you are at the right place as well.
As for us, photographers, it is an honor to be selected among great fellow artists. Their work represents good quality and built on various style and concept. My series „Urban Symmetry” is now on a great platform with my colleagues. Their photos range from street photography to abstract visions and expressive portraits, and I can say that they all are of top artistic performance.

The gallery functions as a family business for more then 60 years and has an online sales site, living up to a digital native art lover’s expectations. Pieces of art are now available for those who can’t visit the gallery in person.

If are interested in my photos and you would like to immerse yourself in my art, check out my limited edition Urban Symmetry book.

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