Sony World Photography Awards

Sony World Photography Awards: Urban Symmetry on the shortlist

I recently entered the Sony World Photography Awards in the Professional Building Photography category, from which I recently received the announcement that my Urban Symmetry series was among the best! The nomination itself is a huge recognition, but I look forward to the coming weeks and to the end result.

Sony World Photography is an open competition where you can submit works on different levels and in different categories. The award has been co-operated by Sony and the World Photography Organization each year since 2007. They’ve received over one million photographs, so it’s not a coincidence, that they became one of the largest competition for photojournalists.

The stakes are high: the best of the categories can take part in a joint show, and besides cash prizes, professional recognition is also a great opportunity for creators. This year, I entered my Urban Symmetry series, which rethinks the design in Budapest architecture. To see the photographs, you can click the link below.

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