My first book publication

My first publication, the Urban Symmetry book has been released!

After planning for a long time, with lots of reconciliation and tireless work, my first volume was finally born, which collects some of my Budapest photos into a selection. It was an exciting time to pick photos, choose the papers and create the graphical design, and in my opinion, the final result is something to see too. But what is the book about? This time, one of my favorite topics takes the focus: symmetry.

Those who have ever met my works will surely notice that some toposes, motifs, elements often return, whether in urban, natural, artificial or even in digitally created spaces. One of these topics is symmetry, which embodies perfection to me. In this book, the orderly scenes recorded in different corners of the capital can be viewed, side by side next to each other.

The publication is available in limited numbers, with each piece being numbered and signed, and they are only purchasable through my gallery. If you wish to find out more, or order the exclusive book right now, click here. (link to

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